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Helio Motorized Bike in 2006

^^^First Bike Built in 2006!^^^

Way back in the good Ol' days in 2006 (haha) I was accepted to UC Santa Cruz to study Film and Digital Media. I was excited. Coming from Southern California, I was ready to try something new but as I started to learn about the college, there was one big problem. The campus is set on top of a hill overlooking the ocean and there is no parking, the busses are always full and it is gnarly trying to bike up this hill. I needed a solution. I was on Ebay and found what they called a bicycle engine kit. I was intrigued and had a lot of mechanical experience with cars, go-karts etc. so why not give it a try. I though if I can get up the hill and park in the bike parking that would be the solution. I bought a mountain bike and purchased this bicycle engine kit. I put the bike together and took it for my first ride. By the end of the ride my eyes were opened to all types of possibilities. So being the entrepreneur that I am, I started to buy these kits and put them on mountain bikes, cruisers or whatever I can find. I then took these completed bikes and flipped them for extra cash (poor college student status). Well here we are now in 2023 and I have been building custom bikes ever since my college days. I have spent countless hours trying to better the product quality and started to engineer parts to make the ultimate motorized bike. I am still at it! Rest assured that these parts and kits offered have been battle tested in real life before offered to you. I am confident that I have weeded out the junk products and will continue to do this for my customers. Happy Riding!

First official Helio Motorized Bike

^^^First official Helio Bike^^^